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How convenient would it be to simplify the management, editing and sharing of documents and files? Recognizing that the move to paperless work is a “work in progress” for many companies, Jan Poppe and Dirk Versavel founded ByondFiles.

ByondFiles offers a solution to simplify the management of documents and files, and is, in a nutshell, the office in your pocket. The main focus was on the full integration between mobile and desktop.

ByondFiles could replace the traditional file folder with paper documents on mobile devices. In principle, everything could be done with existing applications, but it turned out that a lot of information was spread across multiple systems (server, mail applications, note apps, film roll etc). No single application lends itself to storing information in an orderly fashion and making it quickly accessible everywhere.

With ByondFiles, everything now happens in one document management app which eliminates a lot of clicking and searching. Our tool is your personal workspace where you can collect, edit, manage and share files. From any device and at any location. All your emails, photos and annotations in one place. ByondFiles lets you work in a controlled, paperless way while saving you valuable time.

In late 2019, the concept was presented to a number of companies who were quickly interested in entering the pilot process. The pilot companies were launched in spring 2020. Today they use ByondFiles on a daily basis and the experiences are very positive. Meanwhile, new companies are starting up with the application every week.
The ByondFiles team together with Encima is a strong team of 20 people.

ByondFiles is managed by Dirk Versavel and Jan Poppe, who are both investors/shareholders of the NV ByondFiles.

Dirk Versavel has a degree in civil engineering and started his career at LMS (Leuven) and Telindus (Leuven) before founding ENCIMA.

Jan Poppe was the owner and CEO of Sycron NV. Sycron was active in retail automation with 200 employees.


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