AVC: from pilot customer to satisfied regular customer

AVC: from pilot customer to satisfied regular customer

AVC Gemino from Kortrijk innovates and inspires with designer doors and walls and integrates them into the total concept of your interior or office. As a specialist in architectural walls and doors, they are one of the top companies in their sector. In recent years they have increasingly worked with renowned architects on international projects. To make sure this goes smoothly, they chose ByondFiles as their online cloud storage.

Pilot customer of ByondFiles

AVC was one of the pilot customers of ByondFiles during the start-up phase and they were quickly convinced by the concept. Currently, they use ByondFiles primarily as storage for their documents and photos. "All clients, both residential and professional, are in the system. We find it especially convenient that everyone can access all documents, from any device."

Many advantages in one tool

At AVC, they are very satisfied with ByondFiles and have already discovered several advantages. "The search function with the tags is enormously user-friendly. During setup, we had to use a different way of structuring documents. So different from how we stored documents in Office and OneDrive. Now it's much better and more organized."

Another advantage they find is the mail function. "Unlike other e-mail programs, you can easily save e-mails in the right folder. Thanks to the correct naming and use of tags, we can also easily distinguish between quotes and projects in our customer files. ”

Next steps with ByondFiles

Going forward, AVC wants to roll out the ByondFiles system to more teams, so that, for example, mechanics can simply consult assembly plans on an iPad. "Currently they still use too much paper and plans, with which they may not have enough or the most recent information. Other colleagues still work locally, but it seems much more efficient to us to work all together in ByondFiles. Thanks to the folder rules, we can easily give the right access to the right group."

Do you have any questions about our products or features? Would you also like to try our app? Then don't hesitate to contact us. We'll be glad to help!

AVC website: https://www.avc.eu/

28 October 2021

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