With metadata sets, quantitative data of a document are linked to its purely textual content. Ultimately, a lease contract is a PDF document containing quantitative data such as, e.g., a rent, a validity date, an offer amount.

By storing this data in a metadata set of the document, we have an additional classification and sets of documents can be edited based on certain criteria.

Keeping metadata up to date can of course be done manually but equally well by an external system via API calls.

A document type (e.g., maintenance contract) gives rise to a series of data fields (e.g., contract price, start date, customer data).

By linking a document (e.g. PDF of a signed maintenance contract) to the document type maintenance contract, we have all info regarding that maintenance contract available.

It is then possible to make a selection of all maintenance contracts that expire on a certain date. On this selection a task (e.g. renew) or tag can be set.

Metadata fields can be linked to the text in the document via placeholders. A change in the metadata fields is then included in the text.


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