PURE Pharma: an innovative company achieving increased efficiency and time savings

PURE Pharma: an innovative company achieving increased efficiency and time savings

PURE Pharma is the go-to organisation for the discerning pharmacist. This company, based in Bruges, is reputed for its comprehensive design services when it comes to pharmacy interiors. PURE Pharma’s activities are however not limited to just creative and innovative design, together with the actual implementation. You can also contact them for merchandising, robotisation, shelf management, product safety and much more.

Because of their innovative corporate culture, they soon turned to ByondFiles in order to manage their projects more efficiently, while at the office or on the road.

Everything in one central location

Since PURE Pharma has started using ByondFiles’ handy productivity tools, a lot has changed: "Everyone in the company uses the application and we work from a centralised repository that is optimally structured and organised. Previously, we duplicated a lot of work and our files were scattered across several platforms, with some stored in ArchX, others on the server and quite a few in our respective mailboxes. Now however, virtually everything is gathered and accessible in ByondFiles," says PURE Pharma.

Their project leaders also experience many improvements in their daily workflows: "When making an offer document, creating a site report, sharing site photos or dimensions, they systematically use their iPads. Everything is available for review... anytime, anywhere!”

"Project specifications, a stability study or an order form can now easily be looked up while 'on the go'. A customer who calls with a detailed question about a quotation, for example, can be helped instantly since all the information is available at the click of a button, whereas before we always had to refer back to the office or we could only give the customer an answer the next day. ”

"Communication with the subcontractors has also become more efficient: on-site, project managers take all required pictures, annotate any relevant dimensions and comments, and subsequently send these directly to the subcontractor. The subcontractor immediately knows what is expected of him and, above all, he has all the indispensable documentation at hand. Which in itself is super handy!"

Favourite features

One of the most important benefits to PURE Pharma is the digital nature of the productivity environment offered by ByondFiles. Even when members of staff are out of the office, they still have access to everything. "A project leader always needs up-to-date information, even when he’s on the road. This information is now permanently available and in addition, ByondFiles allows us to take digital notes and thus go paperless."

"ByondFiles uses neatly structured project folders or dossiers in which different types of documents can be stored, while large icons allow the user to quickly distinguish emails, spreadsheets, drawings, etc. " according to PURE Pharma. The use of thumbnails means that documents can easily be identified despite the fact that folders can contain a multitude of files.  Thumbnails are small visual representations of documents, a kind of preview, which make it easy to recognise the right file.

Staff at PURE Pharma also often use the quickfolders functionality: "Quickfolders are very useful. These allow us to quickly find information and to more swiftly switch between projects since we only store our current projects in them. Handy, fast and efficient. ”

With quickfolders, ByondFiles offers a convenient feature for grouping specific project files in a kind of digital briefcase so that you always have the right documents to hand during meetings.

However, the method in which a newly shot photo can be added to our platform, could be smoother. This is not yet fast enough in our opinion, hence the reason we are launching iOS and Android apps, later this year, to further improve the user experience.

Experience it yourself

Would you also like to enjoy the benefits of having your documents instantly available anytime, anywhere? Do your employees urgently need a more efficient way to gather, manage and share their files?  Then please request a ByondFiles demo today and find out how you and your team can save valuable time with our user-friendly productivity tools!

Do you have any questions about our products or the aforementioned features? Then please do not hesitate to contact us. We are always happy to help!

Website PURE Pharma nv: www.pure-pharma.be

08 July 2021

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