Remotec: document management 'to the max'

Remotec: document management 'to the max'

A flood of paper, copies of copies and a local server with all the information and documents. A big nightmare, but unfortunately a reality at Remotec. Until Byondfiles brought order to this chaos.

Who is Remotec?

Remotec is a one-stop-solution partner for industrial signage, based in the region of Ghent, Belgium. They help their customers with the design, manufacture, installation and maintenance of road markings, LED displays, charging solutions and more.

After several mergers and acquisitions, Remotec today consists of five departments and around 120 employees. After years of too much paperwork, they contacted ByondFiles to implement their digitisation.

“Since we started using ByondFiles, my mailbox has become much emptier. Internal mail traffic has been drastically reduced”

Too much paperwork

Before ByondFiles was introduced at Remotec, they worked with a local server for their folders and documents.

"Files were rarely complete because not everyone could add or edit information. Those who visited customers only carried paper documents. Our days consisted of long phone calls to collect all the customer information. Internally, order forms or other documents were also copied multiple times for distribution."

Use of tags and statuses

Thanks to using ByondFiles, salespeople can now track projects much more easily. Tags are added to files, documents and folders, allowing them to be grouped by subject or status.

"To give just one example: on a project file, we place the tag 'evacuation plan'. This tag can contain the status 'Drafted', 'To be modified', 'Waiting for customer approval' or 'Customer approval confirmed'. Our employees can then create their own quick folders in which they see, for example, all files with status 'evacuation plan: Waiting for customer approval' together, allowing them to take targeted actions."

Everyone can thus easily and quickly see by department what remains to be finished. Is it finished? Then the tag can easily be transferred to the next status.

Task management based on projects

With ByondFiles' task management, Remotec can immediately add an approved quote to a project file.

"We have set it up so that depending on the type of project, tasks are automatically assigned to the different departments. Via a tablet or smartphone, everyone can then see which tasks need to be carried out. "

When an employee starts working on a new task, he finds the assignments, plans and descriptions in the same file the task is placed in. Two buttons are also provided: one green and one red.

"On the green button they click when the task is completed. Automatically, the next task in the roadmap is forwarded to the right employee. On the red button, they can click if there is a problem. They can describe these in ByondFiles in order to notify the assignee of the task immediately. "

As icing on the cake, there is one overview of all tasks from pending files. Here too, colours indicate the status of the task. If the deadline is approaching or has been exceeded, this is also visible here. This makes it easy for Remotec to keep track of all ongoing projects.

Complete files using templates

Remotec has created file templates in ByondFiles from the start, which brings a lot of value.

"We have defined access and permissions for each user group in each file. Now when we create a new file, it automatically gets the right settings and that makes us feel safe. We know exactly who can do, see or share what."

ByondFiles also for employees on the move

Remotec's salespeople and technicans are also very happy with ByondFiles. Sales people can upload photos of practical situations directly into the customer file. Fitters or linemen, in turn, receive their assignments directly on their smartphone and can also consult the plans there, see assembly instructions and record the completion of their tasks.

"With ByondFiles, it’s also much easier for the customer. They can sign the delivery note on a tablet and it is immediately added to the correct customer file. Measurements and photos of the project or the final result can be uploaded directly from a smartphone or tablet. This allows the back-office team to proceed to invoicing much faster. Even before a placer returns, the file can already be processed.

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Remotec on ByondFiles

"The start-up went very smoothly. We chose one of our companies to run a trial for a few weeks. Meanwhile, we are two months on and the entire group is now working every day with ByondFiles. The nice thing is that we are experiencing the same dynamics we are used to with Remotec. Questions are always dealt with quickly and the implementation has been very qualitative and successful. We have completely set up ByondFiles ourselves as it is best for us, without a single piece of custom software."

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07 September 2022

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