An ultra-fast and convenient search function

Searching in ByondFiles is fast and efficient. This is the result of the uniform naming conventions and clear dossier structure that ByondFiles offers. Assign tags to documents, dossiers and folders. You can freely configure these tags. Use tags to specify the status of a project, a customer type, an area...


Enter a search term or use tags to find your documents easily. A combination of the two results in an ultra-fast search function.

Searching and tags

With tags, you will see documents filed together because they could belong together in a certain way, and not because they happen to be kept in the same folder.


In the illustration, we can see all the individual projects of David Ashley. By grouping them, David can quickly gain an overview of all his projects.

Dossiers and templates

After searching, save your search filter as a Quickfolder. That way, you will find your bundled documents even faster next time. Quickfolders are especially convenient if you work from a mobile device. They allow you to access the location you need very quickly.

ByondFiles built the concept of file into a central fact.

By creating a file template once, every file is subsequently derived from a template and works in an identical way. Users thus work in a very familiar and unioform environment when they open a file.

Since the search function shows files separately and first, the way to it is quite short. Usually, entering three letters of a word in the file name is enough to open the file immediately.

Among other things, the following properties or settings are associated with a file:

  • A standard folder structure
  • Per folder for each user group : access rights, rights to perform or not perform certain actions, etc.
  • Per folder a filename rule so that filenames are partially composed according to an imposed rule.
  • Attach email addresses to a file so that when an email is received, the location is already suggested in Outlook.

Document display : a picture says more than 10,000 words

Byondfiles helps users quickly find the right document. For a user to determine what the correct document is, the name can be an indication but an equally visual characteristics of a document (logo, layout, color).

Byondfiles users therefore prefer the icon layout in most cases. ByondFiles operates with a visual interface that is uniquely fast and smooth compared to other systems.

In certain cases, list view can also be chosen. Each user determines the view for each folder and Byondfiles remembers the choice.


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