Share a folder with a client and limit emailing of bulky files.

Communication is very important in any project. It is not always easy to share the necessary information with external parties. Suppliers or customers often need access to subfolders in a file to ensure smooth cooperation.

When sharing files in mail attachment or through external download and upload services, the same problems often surface. The number of documents one can send out, or their size, is always limited.

However, ByondFiles provides a convenient functionality that makes this possible. Since all documents are already available in the cloud, it is possible to share documents by sending out a link. This has the advantage that the recipient can always access the latest version of the file.


A consequence that should not be underestimated is also the compactness of mailboxes, since attachments are not stored in your mailbox. This can cause your mailbox to literally become too heavy.

Naturally, a recipient sees the shared documents structured and visually as any user would also see them in ByondFiles, and on any device: smartphone, tablet and PC.


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