Share any document with customers using a QR code.

Drastically cut down the preparation time for a meeting. Don’t lose time printing anymore. No longer send a ‘final version’ in case of a last-minute meeting.

Only share the original files via ByondFiles. That way, you can prevent different parties from viewing different documents.

Add third parties to your folder, or send them a link via email. You can share documents, as well as entire folders or even dossiers. For an adjustable period, recipients will receive access to documents and designs for checks and approval.

With QR codes, you can share files with others even faster. After a quick scan with your mobile phone or tablet, you will immediately gain access to the document. This way, everyone can view the same screen without the need for additional infrastructure.


Unclutter your digital workspace and get more done ...

With ByondFiles, you save time and everything is in order. Book a demo and find out for yourself.

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