Share : internally and externally

Why sharing has a lot of advantages

  • With sharing, a link is sent and the document does not "leave" the organization's environment. This is the same for both a small and large file. Mailboxes stay more compact this way.

  • It is possible to set how long the link remains valid and whether the recipient is allowed to download or only view the document or folder.

  • In a collaboration with an external team, there is control over the set of current documents. Old versions can possibly end up in an archive folder both the internal and external team work with a set of documents.

  • An audit trail is available on the shared document or shared folder that provides an overview of who did what with a document.

  • The recipient receives a link that accesses the one or more shared folders.


Share one or more file folders to create a document portal

A document portal reduces the number of mails and keeps a clear overview of current versions of documents for both internal and external parties. Sharing of files or folders is secure and you can track which documents were seen and/or downloaded . Externals have access via the link received or via your website.

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