Vastgoed Zebra: how ByondFiles is making these real estate agents mobile

Vastgoed Zebra: how ByondFiles is making these real estate agents mobile

Founded in 2020, Vastgoed Zebra has built a strong reputation in 1,5 years time. They offer a wide range of properties for sale and for rent in the wide region of Roeselare, Tielt and Kortrijk and are always ready to assist their clients in every step of the process.

"After gaining a few years of experience in the real estate world, we - David and Mathias - decided to start our own company together. Vastgoed Zebra was born! Our personal and honest approach combined with a lot of enthusiasm and experience make Vastgoed Zebra the ideal partner for buying, selling, renting and letting your property."

The switch to ByondFiles

Vastgoed Zebra quickly switched to ByondFiles after setting up their business. Initially, they used a classic server, but soon noticed that ByondFiles was a more convenient solution as document management system.

"The biggest asset of ByondFiles is that we can access the documents from anywhere. Everything goes very smoothly and there are almost no intermediate steps or unnecessary clicks." David and Mathias are often on the road to visit properties and spend less and less time at their computers. Thanks to ByondFiles, they can easily access files, client files and information about properties anywhere. "We now work paperless and very efficiently, via any device!"

Sharing files with people outside the company

For Vastgoed Zebra, it is important to be able to easily share files with (potential) buyers, sellers, tenants, landlords and notaries. "With ByondFiles, sharing files becomes very easy. We use a link in an email or a QR code on the spot. We often send information to interested parties before the visit, so that they are well and correctly informed for the on-site visit and can also make an offer more easily. That 'sharing' function of ByondFiles is a game changer."

In addition, the feature to set an end date for shared folders or files is also very useful for Vastgoed Zebra. They also indicate that additional features, which will soon be available in the new version of ByondFiles, will be very useful. "It will be very interesting for us if we can see when a link is opened. In addition, in the future we also want to be able to further personalize the ByondFiles environment so that everything is very recognisable for customers and prospects."

Structure in files

"Thanks to the templates, we can structure the files of new properties very quickly. We use them for both sales and rentals."

The two real estate agents are also looking forward to the planned iOS and Android app. This will make it even easier for them to work on the move and will make the photography tool even smarter and more convenient.

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30 September 2021

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