What today's productivity apps lack

What today's productivity apps lack

It's hard to imagine a world without the productivity software we use daily.  Office 365, Photoshop, CAD, etc. All these apps continuously offer new possibilities for working faster and unleashing our creativity. The powerful features at our fingertips used to be unthinkable a decade or two ago. But still, we are lacking a crucial element in order to boost our productivity even more. Improve your productivity with ByondFiles.

So what are we missing? 

We are working more efficiently thanks to our Office suite packages. We can edit a photo or create a 3D design much more rapidly than ever before. Yet, we frequently can't remember where we saved that important document?  

When we work with a multitude of software apps, we often end up storing our documents in random locations while using inconsistent names for our files. This opens the door to chaos, especially in process-driven companies. 

Today's productivity software will only deliver optimal productivity and time savings when it is combined with a structured approach to storing and organising the documents themselves. Strangely enough, this is often neglected in corporations.

Structure as the solution

However, if we start by organising our digital work environment, we immediately take a giant step forward. This way, we not only ensure that individual users can work as efficiently as possible, but also that colleagues can access and collaborate on the same documents. 

By developing a sound set of rules for how we bring together our information, organise it and make it available within a company, we can optimise the use of our productivity tools even further. We waste less time looking for documents or checking whether we are indeed working on the latest version. 

Optimise with ByondFiles

At ByondFiles, we immediately tackle any potential for disorganisation.  During the initial implementation phase, we go through the best practices for organising files and we give our clients advice on how this can be applied within their own enterprise. Additionally, we can go a step further by creating dossier templates that ensure consistency across the company.

By defining automatic naming rules for files, ByondFiles brings extra order within the folders themselves. This makes it even easier to quickly identify the documents you need.

Additionally, the use of tags as metadata allows information to be effortlessly labelled by topic, which further simplifies and speeds up the powerful search function within ByondFiles.  

Thanks to the perfect integration with Office 365, ByondFiles makes optimal use of all the functionalities that MS Office has to offer.  However, we are now working from a much healthier foundation regarding the internal organisation of all information within the company. Never before was it so easy to gather, organise and share information with co-workers... while in the office or on the road.

If you would like to get a taste for how ByondFiles can improve productivity in your company, please feel free to contact us and we will be happy to arrange a no-obligation demo.

06 September 2021

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