Workflow support

Uniform files usually coincide with uniform business processes to be performed by teams on these files. These business processes usually consist of the same subtasks that people wish to follow.

Templates of task lists

To manage these tasks, ByondFiles developed a task management. The basis of the task management are templates of task lists. A task list template can be created once. In a task list template, the following items can be defined

  • Order of subtasks and their description;
  • Assign (optional) a task to an employee.
  • Determine whether the task list is assigned sequentially or in parallel.

Placing a task list on a file or document

After selecting the file, a task list template can be chosen. Here the task list can be definitively set. Still order, persons or due dates can be changed and/or set.

Processing tasks

Each user has immediate access to the inbox with their assigned tasks. Upon selecting a task, the document or file is displayed with a processing screen with green or red button.

Finishing the task is done with the green button. The red button temporarily stops a task list and provides a reason.

Color indication allows users to see which tasks are coming up against or over due dates.

Task overview and follow-up

Clients of task lists have an overview screen that immediately displays the status of the various task lists distributed. Progress in the process, due dates, etc. are immediately visible.

Also those who 'live' in Outlook work in Byondfiles

Having emails available in a file now and in a few years too

More and more, emails and attachments are documents that are equivalent to and as important as any other document in a file. In our view, they belong in a file and should be retrieved quickly and easily, even years after a file is closed.

Saving mail and attachments

When an email arrives, ByondFiles helps store it in the file quickly by suggesting the correct file already in Outlook. Navigating and clicking in the file structure is much less necessary.

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