No more 'paper' measurements for Marlier

No more 'paper' measurements for Marlier

Who is Marlier Haarden?

Marlier Haarden is an established distributor of fireplaces and custom interiors in the Antwerp region. The brand delivers gas, wood, electric and bio-ethanol fireplaces. Customers will enjoy two installation teams, which will measure and install the product end-to-end.

Alongside their state-of-the-art installations, Marlier Haarden has a breathtaking showroom extensively visited. Each customer is provided with a thorough follow-up: quotation, order confirmation, measurement sheet, etc.,...

Consequently, Marlier Haarden came into contact with Byondfiles in order to keep up with the demand.

How did they work before the introduction of ByondFiles?

Prior to Byondfiles, the company worked with a local server that stored several folders. Co-manager Karen says she often wasted a lot of time scouring for the appropriate document. Furthermore, she also received an extensive amount of photos via Whatsapp daily from the different placements or after-sales service making the work process further convoluted and frustrating.

"It was sometimes difficult to find the correct photos afterwards," Karen testifies.

Bart, the business manager of Marlier fireplaces, among other things, takes comprehensive measures at the customer's premises. He used to sign off the measurements at the customer's premises the old-school way, with pen and paper. One of the biggest disadvantages of the above stems from the fact that paper versions can easily get misplaced.

Moving forward, Bart monitors the customer files from ByondFiles and has now the ability to open a new sketch and draw directly in the file.

"This is also easy for Karen, says Bart. She can now immediately have access to all the information in real-time, regardless of where she is."

The correct technical sheets for our installers on their own smartphone or tablet

“Our two installation teams visit different construction sites every day. Thus, photos are important in our industry as they can later serve as evidence" Bart suggests. "Our men each have a smartphone in which they can effortlessly upload the images via Byondfiles' app. They can type in a comment or annotate a photo themselves. Very handy in our sector" Bart concludes.

Technical data sheets are without fail reviewed before the installation process. Thanks to Byondfiles, we have uploaded the latest technical data sheets for each brand, offering the team access to them in no time.

The fireplace sector and Byondfiles: a match made in heaven

“For us, there are several benefits to working with ByondFiles. First, we can access our documents anywhere. Ultimately, there are fewer unnecessary clicks. In addition, they can share quotations through a link instead of emailing them to their potential customers. Finally, survey sheets and photos are instantly within the correct customer file. In short: Byondfiles is highly recommended in the fireplace sector!”

04 October 2022

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