Why is it so important for construction companies today to invest in document management?

Why is it so important for construction companies today to invest in document management?

In the dynamic world of construction, managing documents is a crucial part of project success. From building permits to technical drawings, contracts, and let's not forget: a stream of email correspondence back and forth. There is an abundance of documents that need to be meticulously managed throughout each phase of the project.

In addition to the right ERP system, a good Document Management System (DMS) comes into play.

Efficiency in documents

A construction project generates a massive amount of documentation. A DMS enables a construction company to manage all these documents in one central location in a compliant manner. This reduces the time spent searching for documents and eliminates the confusion that can arise when multiple team members handle different versions of a document. Additionally, documents are often scattered across various sources, a server, email folders, specialized apps, ERP systems, etc.

Smooth collaborations

During a project, multiple people collaborate, both within the organization and external parties. Think of architects, engineers, contractors, suppliers, and end customers. A portal facilitates seamless collaboration by granting all stakeholders access to the relevant documents. The portal ensures that every party has access to the same versions of the current project, promoting streamlined communication and collaboration, which is essential for achieving project goals within the set time and budget.

Secure environment

Documents in the construction sector often contain sensitive information, such as construction plans, financial data, and legal documents. The DMS provides advanced security features such as access control and encryption to ensure that confidential information is stored securely and accessible only to authorized users. Digital signing is also a very useful integration with a DMS and enables full digitization.

Improved project management 

A well-implemented DMS provides construction companies with better control over their projects by offering real-time insights into the status of documents and processes. This enables project managers to make quick decisions, resolve issues, and proactively manage projects.

To sum up, in the rapidly evolving world of construction, a good document management system is no longer an optional luxury but rather a necessary tool for success. With improved efficiency, collaboration, security, and control over documents, a DMS forms the backbone of effective project management in the construction sector. Construction companies that invest in a robust DMS will gain a competitive advantage and be better positioned to deliver successful projects.

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12 mars 2024

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