Collect all your documents in the cloud.

Collect & Create

The office in your pocket

Do you waste time looking for the app you used to create your documents?... or do you simply open the folder that stores everything, whether it is documents, photos, notes or emails? Add documents or edit the documents on any device you have before available.

Import files or create from scratch

Add all types of files to ByondFiles:

  • Documents are on the server or on someone's local drive
  • Mails and attachments are in a mail application such as Outlook
  • Paper documents can be found in a file or on your desk
  • Photos can be found in your mobile device's camera roll
  • Notes with your stilus can be found in specific apps

Collect all documents in ByondFiles, and never search in countless apps again.

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Directly save photos to a dossier

Let ByondFiles suggest a file name and add a description if you wish.​

No more photos in your private gallery, gone are the days of meaningless file names (IMG...), no more emailing photos to yourself...

Create time and order.​​

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Directly save emails and attachments to a folder.

Select an email and save it in the right folder.​

ByondFiles will store the email and the attachments you selected in your dossier.

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Access your files from any device

ByondFiles offers you the innovative possibility to access or edit your dossiers in the cloud through any of your devices, always and everywhere. With ByondFiles, you can seamlessly switch between working on your desktop, smartphone or tablet.

Create, access, edit and share your files from all your devices. Whenever and wherever you want!

Unclutter your digital workspace and get more done ...

With ByondFiles, you save time and everything is in order. Book a demo and find out for yourself.

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