Import files or create from scratch

Whether you want to start from scratch or continue working on an existing document, ByondFiles is always ready.

Information is often scattered across different media, so it's not always easy to find the right file right away. After searching for an order form on the server, in your mailbox, or on the big pile of paper on your desk, it is very discouraging to then find it on your desktop.

Avoid searching for the right app and always work from the file you are working on with ByondFiles. All new content is immediately stored in the right location, and incoming information can always be imported, regardless of the file type.


Create all the documents you need directly in your dossier:

  • Photographs
  • Office documents (Word, Excel, PowerPoint)
  • Drawings
  • Web docs
  • Notes
  • Mails

Or in addition, store numerous other types of files. Technical drawings, floor plans, complex contracts, deeds... Make sure everything is available in the cloud, and never worry again.


Unclutter your digital workspace and get more done ...

With ByondFiles, you save time and everything is in order. Book a demo and find out for yourself.

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