Uniform and automatic naming through folder rules.

Naming conventions for documents are, unfortunately, rarely observed. Make an end to different improvised names using ByondFiles.

Prevent untitled documents such as ‘document 1’ or ‘untitled’. ByondFiles ensures that a document name is ready when a document is imported or created. This automatically-generated name can, of course, be complemented with a description of the contents.

Configure dossier structures once. Set the applicable naming convention, tags and user rights for each folder. That way, all documents will have a uniform name, which will make searching more efficient.

When creating a dossier, also assign an abbreviated name. You can use the following elements for the automatic naming conventions: date, abbreviated folder name, user initials.

When creating a new document, you will only have to fill out the blank box. That way, you can briefly describe your document without losing important metadata.


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